I was a young kid, about 16. Watching my big brother work with a DJ program, it had intrigued me and inspired me to open my mind and follow my heart. Music ever since that day literally changed my life. I started making my own accapella and instrumental mixes. For several years I had thought about my own path and wanted to write my own music. (17years old) I had made a decision to lie cheat and steal my way into happiness. I had made my own dark path for the wrong reasons at that moment. I lost everything, family, friends and my home. I then started sleeping at my job in the break room. On three chairs I slept, nowhere to go after work, nowhere to shower or shave, literally on the verge of losing the rest of what I had to live for. Maybe writing my own music would help, help to get my voice heard, help to relieve some built up sadness and depression. My brother had found out that I was homeless for three months living at my work, so he had rented me hotel room. For 4 days. Long enough to write a rough draft of what could be my story. While staying in the hotel, I was able to write and feel kind of positive for once more in my life. He and my mom had given me hope once again to live a normal life but it was to late. I didn't want a normal life anymore. I wanted to be an inspiration to the world and show people you can do anything you set your mind to. I now live happily with my wife and kids in a nice house with a car, family, holidays, friends and fans.